Some call it doggedness, others call it consistency. We call it excellent value for our clients.

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We are fanatical about results

Our consultants are relentless about getting results that are on message and on budget. Some call it doggedness, others call it consistency. We call it excellent value for our clients.


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The Xposure Process Works

Our approach combines strategic business thinking with creative energy to draw the media's attention to our client's story. We find ways to cut through the clutter and ensure your message is frequently and accurately conveyed through media coverage.


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Failure Is Not An Option

We get it right for our clients the first time. If our strategy is not directly on the mark, we shift gears and fix it. We only execute media strategies that we believe in and know will garner outstanding results.


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Our Knowledge Is Deep And Hard Earned

Xposure PR is a virtual firm that brings together teams of talented, senior consultants who have years of combined corporate and agency experience. There are no juniors at Xposure PR. Clients are guaranteed that all work done on their behalf is handled by a seasoned consultant with at least 10 years experience.


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We Measure Results

At Xposure PR, we believe in the axiom, "If you can't measure it, it doesn't exist." We tell our clients what we can achieve up front, making it easier for you to measure our results and manage expectations at your end.


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We Offer Tangible Value

As a virtual firm, our clients don't pay for fancy offices. Our clients just pay for our strategic insight, efficient implementation and diligent measurement. We don't waste time on thick, timeconsuming reports. Instead, we focus on the task at hand - working strategically to achieve long term business goals. We offer advice on how best to allocate even the most modest of PR budgets.


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Think Of Us As “Extra Bench Strength”

When we join your team, you can concentrate on taking care of your core business. We come to you with solutions and opportunities that leverage our extensive media relationships and get your results. Period.

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